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FREE Top Ten Sign Words and Terms

This Free video gives parents an alternative way to communicate with their non-verbal autistic child.  It contains sign language, words and terms that are proven to help autistic children communicate effectively, efficiently and  effortlessly, with much less frustration. Signing With Autismʻs - Top Ten Words is great way to find out if your child is a candidate for more in-depth, sign language instruction. Give it a try, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Unlock that amazing world of hidden though within them today!

When I first began teaching many years ago, my intention was to teach ASL to improve relationships with members of the Deaf community.  Over the years as I taught, I saw a growing number of people who wanted to learn to communicate with their loved ones who did not have a hearing loss, but struggled to communicate verbally.  I loved working with these families and individuals and was inspired by the growth and bonding I witnesses as their ability to express themselves improved.  


It warmed my heart to see these individuals develop confidence as they overcame their communication challenges and to see them finally express the thoughts that had been locked away.  What I found with these families though, was that they did not need the full language of ASL with it’s grammar and syntax, rather, they needed everyday signs to use along with spoken English.  These families had a hard time navigating websites and books that taught ASL in its entirety.  I began developing a curriculum specifically for these families and caregivers to help them introduce basic signs to their everyday interactions.  Research shows that using sign language with hearing children actually accelerates verbal language development, because it is processed on both sides of the brain.  It is my honor to present this series to the community